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Hair Extensions

ShrinkLinks is the method I use to add to your own hair, I have found this method is to be the most beneficial to my clients and the long-term health of their hair.

ShrinkLinks hair extensions may be used to add length and fullness to all types of hair including fine hair.

The cost of putting in hair extension the first time is $450.00 flat fee + cost of hair.

This includes a no-charge follow up appointment to check on your hair extensions after one week, instructions on care for hair, and a few professional products including a brush to get you started on good hair care maintenance.

Cost of hair is $400.00 and up depending on type of hair, length, and thickness of clients own hair. Hair is color matched in salon or at hair vendors by mailing in a small sample of your hair for color and texture.

Cost of hair for hair extension will be charged to your credit card on day of ordering hair. Hair may take up to two weeks to be delivered to salon. Rush orders can be done but there is an additional charge for this service from the hair vendor.

Maintenance service is $ 75.00 an hour. Hair cut is included in service to keep hair healthy, fresh and to better blend with hair extensions.

– Tint touch ups can be done while hair extensions are on.

– It is recommended that tint touch up be done by a professional hair stylist who has worked with hair extensions.

– Hair extension will need to be removed and reattached every 2 to 3 months

The hair used will last for a long time if good maintenance is used and can be used over and over again. For best results use only the professional salon products we recommend  on you hair.


Not sure how much length to add?  See the picture below for a guide:

Hair Extension Lengths Hair Extension Lengths

Detailed before and after pictures of ShrinkLinks Hair Extensions.   Select a picture below to see a larger view:




 Slideshow gallery of additional hair extension photos :